Kindle eBook displaying Fragments of Home

eBook and downloadable MP3s

Fragments of Home is available as an eBook for use on readers such as Kindles and iPads. You can also read this eBook on your computer if you have installed the appropriate software.

The eBook ISBN is 978-1-6175060-3-1.

The eBook can be downloaded from any good eBook retailer, including:


To purchase the eBook, simply click on any the links listed above. Then follow the retailer's instructions to purchase and download the eBook.

Free song downloads


All eBooks include a username and password to download MP3s of the songs in Fragments of Home. There is no additional cost to download these songs; it is included in the cost of the eBook.

Once you have made your purchase, simply navigate to the end of the eBook for the login details and submit these below. Note that the username and password are case-sensitive.


'Fragments of Home stands as a testimony to strength, courage and resilience, and is a gift for all survivors of child abuse and for those who walk alongside them.'

– Dr Cathy Kezelman, Prior Executive Officer, ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse), Australia