Reviews and endorsements

Reviews and endorsements

The Melbourne Anglican

Click here to read a copy of a review of Fragments of Home by counselling psychologist, Barry Rogers in the May 2014 edition of The Melbourne Anglican, the newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

Baptist Union of Victoria Baptist Witness

Witness, the monthly newsletter for the Baptist Union of Victoria (the umbrella organisation for over 200 Baptist churches in Victoria, Australia), ran a review of the Fragments of Home by multi-DVD Resource Set, written by Head of Pastoral Leadership, Support and Development, Rev. Andrew Woff.

Click here to read a copy of this review.

Australian Women Online Magazine ran a feature article about Fragments of Home, and Monique's writing and music about healing from childhood abuse.

Click here to read the feature article.

Zadok Perspectives

The Spring 2008 edition of Zadok Perspectives features a review by Anne Mallaby of Monique's 2006 CD, Wounded Beauty as well as a review by Mick Pope of Fragments of Home.

Click here to download both reviews in PDF format.

Rev Tim Costello AO
CEO, World Vision, 2006 Victorian Australian of the Year

Monique's journey of self-exploration, putting the pieces together after a childhood of sexual abuse – beautifully written with great vignettes and quite profound reflections... is an incredible gift to all of us... an incredibly brave and courageous work.

Rev Dr Alan Niven
Vice-Principal and Head of Pastoral Studies
Stirling Theological College, Victoria, Australia

Fragments of Home is more than just a record of one person’s path towards healing from sexual abuse. It journals the tough disciplined task of self-exploration and deep reflection where the anxiety of doubt and even the threat of death are frequent companions.

We witness the complex and fragile patterns of a relationship with God presented in such a way that those who have been through similar experiences will recognise it as a story of redemption, courage and hope.

There is no slick ’God-talk’, no easily-found (and just as easily-lost) grip on spiritual insights. This is a realistic story of a faith that now settles down for the long haul, and knows it is OK to be on the road.

Dr Cathy Kezelman
Prior Executive Officer, ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse), NSW, Australia

Monique Lisbon has utilised the trauma of her childhood abuse to guide the reader through the issues, feelings and reactions faced during the healing process. Monique’s candid vignettes and reflections provide the reader with not only a window into her own body and soul, but insight into the ravages of abuse on both the abused child and the adult grappling to deal with the ongoing legacy. Her clarity of thought, delivered with the gift of a creative talent embracing several disciplines, provides a rare insight into this most personal of journeys.

Fragments of Home stands as a testimony to strength, courage and resilience, and is a gift for all survivors of child abuse and for those who walk alongside them.

Nicky Chiswell
, Singer/songwriter; Registered Psychologist

Fragments of Home is weighty and yet completely accessible, and not the slightest bit ’intellectual’ or unreachable. Neither is it in any way ’sensationalising’ of the author’s experiences – a very, very rare combination.

It is sacred and rings true in every part. I almost felt relieved reading it! I'm not sure why – I just felt like I was reading something at last that I had been looking for!

I have not been sexually abused but still found my heart being spoken to and somehow given a voice that was so deeply satisfying. I felt relief for the people I have worked with whose hearts I have been able to be let into. I don’t know any book quite like it and I think the problem of suffering, and the question of where is God in it, is spoken of in a way I have never heard put so movingly and clearly – the theology and psychology are great but not done in way that leaves heart, mind or gut unsatisfied.

What an extraordinary work – of Monique and God together – to give the world such a sacred treasure that will help the hearts of many.

Rev Dr Fiona D. Hill
Author of PhD Thesis, Disarming the Bible-bashers: Claiming the Bible for Australian Abuse Survivors, Victoria, Australia

It is both a joy and sacred privilege to be invited into Monique Lisbon’s story of hope and healing. I have long admired her courage in sharing her personal story through writing this book, as well as through her music and public speaking ministries. Monique gives voice to experiences that all too often remain shrouded in secrecy and silence but constitute the lived reality of many survivors of abuse.

Prof. Freda Briggs AO, Emeritus Professor in Child Development, University of South Australia, Magill Campus, SA, Australia

This book is a beautifully and sensitively written detailed account of Monique Lisbon’s personal struggle with the ongoing harmful effects of sexual and psychological abuse. It will be of particular interest to counsellors and therapists working with adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Jackie B.,
Child Abuse Survivor,
Queensland, Australia

Once I started reading this book I was unable to put it down. There were numerous times where the thoughts expressed described my own thoughts which I have been unable to share.

As for the ’God-stuff’, this is the first book that mentions God and child abuse, that I have read through. Normally once I start to read about God and forgiveness I stop reading in anger and never look at the book again.

Monique’s explanation of where God was in the midst of the abuse has saddened me but resonates with what I believe. Although I still struggle with the concept, it has provided ’food for thought’.